TESTIMONIAL - "Well, I just had my first viewing session where I fully implemented everything learned from the Business Class and workshops / 1-2-1 with Kenny - and delighted to report that the total sale was over £1200, my highest ever by a factor of 5. They had teary eyes from picture 1 of the Animoto, loved the Animoto, and had a really hard job selecting, so I guess it made the sales part a bit easier for me. Am unbelievably chuffed - and relieved. Particularly as I'd watched Kenny's section on sales in the March download of the 'Business Class' less than 12 hours before the viewing! All in all, a really good day, so cheers Kenneth Martin for all the many pearls of wisdom, and thanks too to all of you on here who have shared info and experience. It's been a massive confidence booster, and to any of you who doubt whether you can achieve it I'd just say if I can do it, so can you...I'm not a natural salesman at all. I really just made sure I was pleasant, confident, stuck to my prices, and thought on my feet. I just need to keep repeating it now, and achieve a decent average....!"

TESTIMONIAL - "I put all the sales techniques into practice and had 2 higher than average sales last week - I was much more confident in my products and pricing and it made a huge difference"

TESTIMONIAL - "To have the business knowledge to be able to support my photography is marvellous and I actually feel confident for the first time that my business can grow and flourish"

TESTIMONIAL - "I asked Kenneth Martin if I could pick his brains about commercial photography yesterday. Kenny spoke, I listened and I went out this morning and landed a commercial job. Thanks Kenny! X"

TESTIMONIAL - "Woohoo just had a £980 portrait sale to go with the £650 one yesterday. Really feel it was worth the effort with the value chain, get these in regularly and I can cut down the number of weddings I do and spend more weekends with the family. Thanks Kenneth Martin"

TESTIMONIAL - "So, I am finding this value chain thing does work. Had a nice £600 order from a pet shoot today. I went through everything before they came in, after the shoot I also showed frames and discussed 'prices from' and gave a full price list. Then again today I explained how it all works and what each item is like and again, gave a price list. Bingo...... Kenny thanks for all the help."

TESTIMONIAL - "What a wonderful week so far. On Monday I received notification that I've got my LSWPP. Tuesday another great business class. Today (Wednesday) I've just done a portrait viewing and achieved my highest ever sale from a portrait session - £1300. My head is sttill buzzing. As some of you will know I've been (slowly) implementing all the stuff I've learnt as well as changing company name/website/brochures/prices etc. and all things that go with it (it's never ending!). Before all that my average portrait sale was £150. So thanks to Kenny - this stuff really works."

TESTIMONIAL - “I have recently opened a new studio. Its not my first in my 35yr career, but the first in 20 yrs so all very different now to what I remember in the early 90's. I have been fine tuning the much talked about 'Value Chain' that Mark and particularly Kenny advocate and I'm now starting to see how all this works in the long run. I am moving towards shooting beauty. Over the last few weeks I've had a fairly mixed bag of shoots, but this week I have 5 ordering appointments booked in. I decided to set myself a target of £500 per shoot as a reasonable average, but after just 3 orders today I have already smashed my target for the 5. So pleased with how it’s looking and it really does pay to do what any decorator says.... preparation is the key. Do the groundwork and start from the very first contact and keep the enthusiasm all the way through. It really does work. Thanks guys, the help and guidance have been invaluable.”