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I have been a Studioplus user for around 20 years. Over the past 7 years in my role as a specialist photographic business consultant and mentor I have been working with a select group of studios who would not be achieving their incredible success without Studioplus software being at the core of their studio activity. My vast experience of the photographic industry, both in the business and creative photographic sides and my deep knowledge of this specific software solution makes my appointment as the official and authorised European Consultant and   Brand Ambassador for Studioplus Software an obvious choice.

Studioplus Software is the most advanced studio management business software available for the professional photographic studio. Thousands of studio owners all over the world use the power of StudioPlus software and especially the new cutting edge cloud based myStratus to control every aspect of their business. An efficient and automated workflow ensures a smooth client journey and is the driving force behind happy satisfied customers, resulting in higher client spends and into the bargain it has the potential to save the studios 100’s of hours a year with fully automated tasks, such as HTML Emails, Web Forms, Referral Schemes, On-Line Booking, SMS’s, Image Workflow, Production Tasks, Printing, Invoicing, Sales, Phone Calls and much more all by using simple but incredibly powerful trigger functions.

If you are looking to invest in new business software or you are thinking of changing your photographic studio management software to something more dynamic, which offers a total solution, why not get in touch and see how myStratus could transform the way you run your business. Please contact me by filling in the enquiry form HERE.

If you are a Mac user please do not worry there is a solution that works perfectly (I have several studios who use the software happily on a Mac) but please contact me to discuss in the first instance.

In all honesty most users are scratching the surface with the software and releasing it’s full power has been a real eye opener and a huge time saver for the studios I work with. Check out the studio testimonials below for more information and to see for yourself what this incredible business management software could do for your studio. I will be delighted to talk over your specific needs and requests over the telephone or by email to assess what is required for your business            

For existing users, or for studios who are thinking of a change of software, who are further afield I of course do cover the whole of Europe. Please check out my Studioplus consultancy rates below.

All StudioPlus consultations include a pre visit on-line questionnaire and telephone chat which enables me to fully assess what needs to be done on the day and what pre visit preparations need to be completed to achieve our goals in the shortest time possible. I will be 100% honest with you – if you are a new user starting from scratch it will take at least 2 and more likely 3 days to get myStratus working really well with full automations in place and of course to train the staff how to use it properly. If you are an existing user and feel you are not using the software to its full potential this can often be corrected in a day’s visit but it all depends on what need done and how it has been setup in the first instance!! Prices quoted are + VAT @ 20% and expenses such as travel, accommodation and meals are charged at cost (receipts will be supplied)

Please note that the prices are the same for remote assistance as they are for personal visits, except, of course, there are no additional charges for remote work. Expenses at cost price for travel, accommodation and food will be added on for one 2 one location visits and staff training visits. 

Hourly Rate Studioplus Consultancy £200 (Remote Only) Minimum Fee

½ Day (4 Hour) Studioplus Consultancy £600 (Remote Only)

1 Day (8 Hour) Studioplus Consultancy £1,000 (Remote or One 2 One)

2 Day (8 Hour) Studioplus Consultancy £1,800 (Remote or One 2 One)

3 Day (8 Hour) Studioplus Consultancy £2,600 (Remote or One 2 One)

Please note that payment is due in full at the time of booking. We accept Credit - Debit Cards, and Bank Transfers.

The option of regular monthly visits are also a possibility (if my diary allows it) please ask for a quotation if this is something you are interested in. This is exactly how my TCMP business group operates and is in fact a great option as you are spreading the costs on a monthly payment basis.

Please note that myStratus software consultancy will not cover marketing, sales and intense business topics in any great detail. The total focus will be on the software and software related tasks. If you are interested in business consultancy check out the TCMP (Total Commitment Mentoring Program) which includes highly specialised and intense business, marketing and sales as well as in depth training on Studioplus software, please check it out here -

Please note - Membership of the TCMP is of course subject to acceptance.

Please be rest assured that this important investment in time and training will recoup itself many times over both financially and in the time spent running your business. There is little point in investing in the best photo management in the world if you are not using it to its full potential. Please find out more about myStratus and its associated add on's below and also check out the testimonials from studios who I have worked with in the past.



Read what these successful studios are saying about myStratus and if you wish to speak with any of them in person please do not hesitate to contact me and I will pass on their details.

“myStratus is like having an extra person in your business. It is a robust and intuitive CRM solution encompassing your diary and email management, and so much more. Together with the 'Perfectly Clear' image editor, it takes the work out of workflow, impacting hugely on time given to editing and order processing. The very smart myStratus Sales Presentation application has also helped increase our average sale. myStratus setup is critical, from the outset. Kenny's input at the very start is a must, it would not be set up to work as efficiently as possible and we would not be as proficient with it, without his guidance. It is a very worthwhile investment which pays huge dividends in time saved. We give myStratus and Kenny Martin a five-star rating. We simply could not live without it at this stage.”

Gerry O'Carroll - Gerry O'Carroll Photography

"myStratus has changed my working day - it is like having another pair of hands! It is easy to navigate and manage and with the addition of the ‘Perfectly Clear’ image editor has streamlined my workflow massively reducing the amount of time that I spend editing at the computer. Kenny’s help in setting up myStratus was critical to the speed and success I have had with the program and with his ongoing support it keeps getting better!! It is simply the best investment I have made in my business this year and I would not hesitate to recommend myStratus and Kenny to any serious photographer!!"

Fiona McKean - Fiona McKean Photography

“Kenny recommended myStratus to us and I can honestly say it has transformed our business, improving our professionalism and helping us increase our average sale. Kenny set it up professionally from the outset, something we just did not have time to do ourselves, and has provided training and support since. My Stratus is so powerful, and so useful, that having Kenny’s expertise has meant we are using it properly and really making the most out of it, definitely making it a worthwhile investment. Every time we speak to Kenny there is another hidden gem in myStratus he introduces us to”

Sarah Lloyd Rumens - Sub Studios

“myStratus can, to the novice at first, seem like a minefield but Kenny just knows how to navigate a way through it in the quickest and simplest manner. It is an incredibly useful piece of software for our business and we couldn’t function without it. The speed at which we got going with it at the start was totally down to Kenny. From setting us up with the sales tools composites, pricelists, HTML emails to showing us the myriad options for just about everything else has been fantastic. Having someone with intimate knowledge of the inner workings of this complex software has been invaluable to our business.”

Dylan McBurney - Studio McBurney

“I’m have been using myStratus fully for 2 years now thanks to Kenneth Martin who introduced me to it during his business mentoring sessions. I now have up to date management accounts which are invaluable to my business. There are so many different areas of myStratus to learn and having someone as good as Kenny fast track it with you is invaluable and is a massive time & money saver. From automating Emails and SMS’s to clients using triggers and using the fantastic sales presentation tools and customising it to your studio. Perfectly Clear, the editing software, is another invaluable area to learn. Having someone as good as Kenny has been a godsend and I would highly recommend both him and myStratus to any serious photographer who craves success“  

Sinéad Ní Riain - Ní Riain Photography

“Kenneth's knowledge and ability to work with the myStratus software has been a major advantage to our day to day running of the business. myStratus is the complete software for your business, making it so easy to book in, and keep track of every client, from before the clients has booked in, right up to when you are calling them to let them know their portraits are ready for collection. Kenneth is definitely the man to set up and implement the whole package for you. Kenneth takes all the sometimes difficult computer work out of the equation for you”

Cormac Byrne - Cormac Byrne Photography

“Since we purchased a license for myStratus 3 years ago, we’ve struggled as a busy business to grasp all the functions that this software offers. With Kenny Martin on board he has really helped us evolve and streamline our work-flow with being an absolute guru with myStratus. Simple things like confirming clients via texts and emails (which was oh so difficult) was made baby easy with Kenny! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him”

Wendy Mackney - Mackney Photography

“When Kenny first started with us, one of the first things he suggested was signing up with myStratus…! Not the most exciting thing to be doing in a new business – however 18 months on, myStratus has proved itself to be one of the most useful & powerful tools in our business. It practically takes on the role of an extra employee for a fraction of the cost. And Kenny helping us set it up in the beginning was invaluable, not to mention a lot quicker”

Andy Fletcher - Andrew Fletcher Photography

Kenny's training studio at Tweedsmuir

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